Termination from Employment

Employment Law

It can be a shocking experience for anyone who has been suddenly fired or laid off from employment. One moment you’re happily going about your job, the next you’ve been called into a meeting with your employer, who tells you that the company has decided to part ways with you.

In the case of a lay off, you may receive a severance package and other documents upon your dismissal and a deadline to respond. These documents may include a lump-sum severance cheque, or perhaps a severance package that offers you pay over time after leaving the company. We can help you determine whether you should accept what’s being offered or challenge the employer for more. We can tell you whether the company broke any rules in dismissing you from your job. We can tell you what you are entitled to if you have not been offered anything, or believe what you are being offered is insufficient.

If the company has fired you for cause because of alleged performance problems, dishonesty or theft, we can still assess whether your rights have been breached. Perhaps you believe the company has wrongfully dismissed you. We can tell you if those suspicions are correct, and what you can do about it. Give us a call.