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There is still time to register for a webinar about new testing methods for drug-impaired driving. Kyla Lee, of Acumen Law, will host Drug Recognition Testing: Criminal & Civil Case Considerations on March 4 for the Trial Lawyers Association of BC.

New testing methods to evaluate impairment were introduced alongside the legalization of cannabis. The reality is we are going to see more and more drug-impaired driving cases both at criminal and civil trials. This online talk is aimed at providing both civil and criminal lawyers with a better understanding of these methods, including the Drug Recognition Expert (DRE) program.

The (DRE) Program involves selecting officers to become Drug Recognition Experts. They are trained to use a 12-step procedure to determine whether someone is impaired by a drug and the type of drug causing the impairment.

Unique perspective

This webinar is rare, if not unique, in that it may be the only one available that looks at drug recognition testing from both criminal and civil perspectives.  

Criminal defence lawyers taking the webinar will learn how to identify flaws in DRE evaluations. They will find out how to attack the tests and undermine evidence potentially used against their clients. In the changing impaired driving landscape, it is important that lawyers get to grips with the new tests.

Civil lawyers, meanwhile, will benefit from learning how to use the DRE to prosecute civil cases. Information will be provided on how to substantiate tests and build on results in order to establish liability in a collision. If you understand the test you will be better able to explain why your case should be dealt with in court.

Course details

Readers of this blog will know that Kyla is recognized as an authority on the subject of impaired driving. She is a leading impaired driving lawyer and has extensive knowledge of the DRE program. She has even been through the actual DRE training process so she knows the testing procedures in and out including their strengths and flaws. Her insights make this webinar a can’t miss for any lawyers who want to be prepared for the influx of drug-impaired driving cases.

The webinar costs $49 for members of Trial Lawyers Association of BC or $149 for non-members. Register here.

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