Whether you’re appealing a prohibition for drunk driving or for having too many traffic violations, RoadSafetyBC is the adjudication tribunal that decides whether or not you can go back on the road. This is the area we have the most experience practicing.

Our lawyers have successfully protected the driving privileges of British Columbians for years. We have been successfully challenging driving prohibitions long before BC enacted its Immediate Roadside Prohibition scheme.

Decisions made by the RoadSafetyBC tribunal are made under the authority of the BC Superintendent of Motor Vehicles. The decision-making powers of RoadSafetyBC are vast. They cover everything from Immediate Roadside Prohibitions for drunk driving, driving prohibitions made due to medical reasons, prohibitions for unlicensed drivers, to prohibitions for bad driving records.

Due to our years of experience in challenging driving prohibitions, we are often able to get driving prohibitions overturned entirely, or have the lengths of the prohibitions reduced substantially. Have a question? Call us for a free consultation.