Practice Areas

Criminal Law

Criminal Law:
Arson | Assault | Attempted MurderDrugs | Fraud | Mischief | Robbery | Theft | Sexual Assault

We have year of experience defending criminal charges in many areas of law. We’ll defend most cases with the exception of murder. We believe many of our clients are good people who have simply made a mistake. Our goal is to find an outcome that does not result in a criminal record.

Negligence Law

Negligence Law:
Motor Vehicle Accidents | Bailment of Property | Slip and Falls

What happens when you suffer loss because someone else was careless? Maybe you’re unsatisfied with the amount provided by ICBC after a car accident where it was the other driver’s fault. Or maybe you were inside a business and a ceiling fixture fell on your head. In these cases, you should consider securing the services of a Vancouver negligence lawyer experienced in negligence law.

Administrative Law

Administrative Law:
RoadSafetyBC | Human Rights Tribunal | Residential Tenancy Branch | Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal | Crime Victim Assistance Program

Administrative law describes a process where disputes are decided by government-appointed tribunal members instead of a judge in a courthouse. This can include cases where someone is involved in a dispute with their landlord, or perhaps seeking assistance after being victimized by crime.  Administrative law also deals with matters involving discrimination. These are all things lawyers experienced in administrative law can help you resolve.

Employment Law

Employment Law:
Termination from Employment | Constructive Dismissal | Harassment | Dismissing an Employee

Disagreement with an employer? Harassed at work? Need to get rid of a bad employee? Our employment law services start with a $300 flat rate for an in-depth assessment of your unique situation, so you know what the best options are for taking proper legal steps to resolve the situation.


Immigration Law

Immigration Law:
Visiting Canada | Study Permits | Work PermitsInvestorsFamily SponsorshipInadmissibilityCanada Express EntryAppeals | Permanent Residence | Obtaining Canadian Citizenship

Whether you’re applying to simply visit Canada, to live here for work or studies, or wanting to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident, it is good to have an immigration lawyer on your side to help you navigate the complexities of Immigration Law.


Family Law

Family Law:
Divorce | Child Support | Child Custody | Marriage/Spousal Agreements | Separation Agreements | Spousal Support | Division of Property | Mediation

At Acumen Law, we offer compassionate and dedicated representation in family disputes, in court and throughout the mediation process. The breakdown of a relationship can be confusing and extremely stressful. Dealing with emotional turmoil, while also trying to navigate through the complex rules that govern family law disputes, is not easy.