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Negligence Law

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What happens when you suffer loss because someone else was careless? Maybe you’re unsatisfied with the amount provided by ICBC after a car accident where it was the other driver’s fault. Or maybe you were inside a business and a ceiling fixture fell on your head. In these cases, you should consider securing the services of a Vancouver negligence lawyer experienced in negligence law.

Negligence law is a legal term used to describe events where someone has suffered harm due to the actions or inactions of another party. In determining negligence, the courts must first determine what standard of care, if any, a defendant owes to the victim. In other words, what responsibilities did the person sued have to ensure that injury or harm is not suffered? If that person was deemed to have a standard of care they must follow, the courts must then determine whether a breach in that standard of care played a part in causing the injury. The courts also try to determine whether the injury would likely have occurred regardless of the actions of the person being accused. Our goal at Acumen Law Corporation is to ensure that negligence is fairly attributed. We believe that people who have been injured should be justly compensated from those who caused their injury. Similarly, those who are accused of causing injury must not be unfairly blamed.

Whether you believe you have suffered harm or are being accused of causing harm due to negligence, give us a call. 604-370-3051In personal injury cases, we do not charge you unless we win. Click on the links above to see more about common areas of negligence.