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A tough, straight talker who gets to the point right away, lawyer Kyla Lee has particular knowledge and skills in defending drinking driving charges. She was the first British Columbia lawyer to successfully defend an appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada in an IRP case. In the first full hearing in an Immediate Roadside Prohibition case at the Supreme Court of Canada, she was the first lawyer to tell the court about how the BC DUI law works.

Kyla is one of few people in British Columbia who can decipher police Breathalyzer records for the Alco-Sensor ASDs and the Intox EC/IR II. She has developed extensive legal arguments concerning Administrative Driving Prohibitions and Over .08 criminal charges. She often deals with particularly complex criminal cases. Kyla completed the manufacturer’s training to operate and calibrate the Alco-Sensor FST, the newest breathalyzer used by BC police to issue IRPs.

Kyla Lee is a dedicated IRP lawyer. She has been closely involved with the challenges to the British Columbia Immediate Roadside Prohibition regime from the start. Kyla was successful opposing the first leave to appeal to the Supreme Court of Canada in an IRP case, and was granted leave to appeal by the Supreme Court of Canada in the Wilson case where she made the first arguments about IRPs to the Court.

She has been involved in scientific experiments using the Approved Screening Device breathalyzers used in BC. She has completed the official training program to calibrate the Alco-Sensor FST Approved Screening Device.  She has completed the same DWI Standardized Field Sobriety Tests (SFST) training as the police in accordance with the NHTSA requirements. Kyla co-authored a paper on the Latest Developments in the IRP Immediate Roadside Prohibition Regime.


Our office has succeeded in many more Immediate Roadside Prohibitions cases than any other law office in British Columbia. Kyla Lee was a key figure in identifying the ongoing problems with calibration of ASDs in Port Moody. She is the lawyer who first recognized that the Port Moody Police were providing inaccurate evidence in every single case.

I cannot express how happy I am with Kyla’s outstanding handling of my IRP case. I was impressed with her high degree of professionalism, positive attitude, and fighting personality. Her expert knowledge of IRP protocol and legislation was amazing and it was her vast experience in this area that allowed us to spot errors and have the prohibition lifted swiftly. I highly recommend anyone served an IRP to contact her. I cannot thank her enough.

By relentlessly searching out evidence and researching defenses, Kyla has identified the most obscure and successful arguments to overturn IRPs. Because she knows the police procedures, Kyla can identify subtle and hidden errors in the police reports. Kyla has a particular knack for remembering otherwise unremarkable facts from previous IRP cases. As a result she can often locate evidence that demonstrates that the police evidence in any particular IRP case is unreliable.

She is unparalleled in her analytical skills when it comes to DUI cases and as a consequence she has a stunning record of success appealing Immediate Roadside Prohibitions and Administrative Driving Prohibitions. Kyla’s successful appeal in BC Supreme Court forced the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles to discontinue using their own self-made evidence at IRP appeal review hearings. Kyla Lee has protected the driving privileges of thousands of British Columbia drivers.

Kyla Lee handles IRP and ADP appeals in BC Supreme Court. She has been successful in many cases in having driving prohibitions revoked on supplementary reconsideration by the Attorney General and returned for a new review. She has developed innovative arguments regarding legal considerations at driving prohibition review hearings.

As dedicated driving lawyers, we have in our office all of the equipment that the police use to calibrate their ASD Approved Screening Devices. Kyla Lee has vast knowledge of the proper calibration procedure and maintenance requirements for the breath testing equipment used in BC. As well, she secured the RCMP Operators Manual for the new Intox EC/IR II, long before most breath-test officers in BC had a look at this new breathalyzer.

Kyla Lee is a graduate of UBC Law. She also earned her B.A. at UBC, with a major in First Nations Studies and a minor in English Literature. She has served on the Executive Committee of the Trial Lawyers Association of British Columbia. She is a member of the National College for DUI Defence, the DUI Defense Lawyers Association and the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Her main practice areas are criminal defence, administrative law, driving law, drug charges. She has presented many times to lawyers regarding the Immediate Roadside Prohibition laws and drunks driving laws. She assists lawyers from across Canada in DUI defence cases.

Kyla has distinguished herself with her extensive knowledge of jurisprudence concerning the Charter of Rights. She is particularly quick to identify Charter issues that can be mistakenly overlooked.

She is Métis and maintains her interest in native issues and developments in aboriginal law.

If you are facing criminal charges, a driving prohibition or any driving offence under the British Columbia Motor Vehicle Act, call Criminal Lawyer Kyla Lee at our Vancouver law office: 604-685-8889.


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