Human Rights Tribunal

Human Rights

Matters that involve an element of discrimination can be brought before the BC Human Rights Tribunal for a decision. Maybe you felt you were treated differently by a potential employer because of your ethnic background. Perhaps you were treated differently by law enforcement officials due to your gender identity. These are matters that lawyers experienced in working with the Human Rights Tribunal can help you resolve.

When bringing a case to the Human Rights Tribunal, the tribunal must first decide whether or not to accept a complaint for filing. If it does, the tribunal may then first mediate between the parties involved to come up with a settlement. If no agreement can be made, the tribunal could hold a hearing to decide whether the complainant was discriminated against. If a complaint is successful, the tribunal may order in favour of the complainant.

Depending on the case, remedies that may be awarded include compensation for lost wages or expenses, compensation for injury, an order for a party to take action, or an order that whatever was denied due to discrimination be properly issued. Have a human rights matter? Call us for a free consultation.