Fraud cases are often considered financial crimes involving complex police investigations. Upon conviction, the most serious cases of fraud are accompanied with two-year minimum prison sentences. For instances of fraud affecting the public market price of stocks, shares or anything sold to the public, the punishment can be up to 14 years imprisonment.

An experienced criminal defence lawyer has the expertise to look closely at each individual accusation of fraud to decide the best course of action. Different types of fraud-related offences can include everything from falsifying employment records, credit card fraud, identity theft and forgery.

Just under identity theft alone, there are a large number of offences that can result in prison sentences. These include the forgery of passports, impersonating a police officer, uttering false statements and possessing a forged document. Due to the wide number of offences someone accused of fraud can be prosecuted with, it is a good idea to first speak with a criminal defence lawyer about your case instead of attempting to take matters into your own hands. Fraud is a serious crime, consider a free consultation with one of our lawyers today. Call now.