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Family Law

Family Law: BC Family Lawyers

Family Law: Divorce | Child Support | Child Custody | Marriage/Spousal Agreements | Separation Agreements | Spousal Support | Division of Property | Mediation

At Acumen Law, we offer compassionate and dedicated representation in family disputes, in court and throughout the mediation process. The breakdown of a relationship can be confusing and extremely stressful. Dealing with emotional turmoil, while also trying to navigate through the complex rules that govern family law disputes, is not easy.

Our focus is on helping you achieve the solutions that work best for your family. Whether you are contemplating divorce, separation or facing a child custody battle, the family lawyers at Acumen Law can provide you with the legal expertise necessary to find a successful resolution to your dispute.

We seek to resolve family disputes in the most efficient way possible for you. This may involve settlement negotiations or going to court. In the event litigation is necessary, the family lawyers at Acumen Law will guide you through the process and help you protect yourself, your children and your rights.

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