Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal

Employment Assistance

The Employment and Assistance Appeal Tribunal is where cases are decided when you’re appealing decisions concerning income assistance, disability assistance, hardship assistance, childcare subsidies or another type of supplemental income provided by government.

The types of appeals that can be brought to this tribunal include disputes over refusal, discontinuance, reduction or insufficient supplementary incomes. So if you feel your income assistance was unfairly reduced by government, this is the place to go for your appeal. As with other tribunals, you can and should be represented by a lawyer, especially when your case comes to a hearing.

In these matters, it is imperative to act fast. You only have seven business days upon receiving a decision from government affecting your supplementary income to get your Notice of Appeal into the hands of the tribunal. A week is not a lot of time to protect your income assistance. Act fast. For a free consultation, call 250-384-0100.