Emma Wilson

Emma Wilson

Emma joined Acumen Law Corporation after completing law school at the Peter A. Allard School of Law in 2017. Emma volunteered with the Law Students’ Legal Advice Program (LSLAP) for her entire legal education, eventually serving as the Executive Director. She also volunteered for a semester with the Indigenous Community Legal Clinic (ICLC) in the Downtown Eastside of Vancouver. Before she attended law school, Emma obtained a Bachelor of Arts in English (Honours) with a minor in French in 2013.

Emma is a tireless advocate who is passionate about helping her clients obtain the best outcome possible. She assists clients with criminal charges, driving prohibitions and matters going before administrative tribunals. Emma has helped clients to receive stays of their 90-day Immediate Roadside Prohibition (IRP) while their prohibition was being appealed at the BC Supreme Court. She has also successfully persuaded RoadSafetyBC to revoke or reduce driving prohibitions under the Driver Improvement Program for many of her clients. Emma has helped clients who received IRPs in 2015 or earlier to have their referrals to the Responsible Driver Program and the Ignition Interlock Program reconsidered, particularly for clients who have not renewed their driver’s licence since receiving the 90-day prohibition and clients whose prohibitions are being judicially reviewed.

At Acumen, Emma has helped clients charged with minor criminal offences to have their matter successfully dealt with outside of court with no criminal record resulting. At LSLAP and the ICLC, Emma helped clients charged with various offences including assault, uttering threats, fraud and theft under $5,000.00. Emma successfully represented many of her clients in court to resolve their charges through peace bonds and conditional discharges, allowing them to move forward with their lives without receiving a criminal record. She also negotiated with Crown Counsel to have clients’ charges stayed or withdrawn where the charge was not in the public interest or where the Crown’s evidence was not good enough to prove the charge in court.

Emma has also assisted clients with matters going before the Residential Tenancy Branch, the Human Rights Tribunal, the Immigration Review Board and the Refugee Protection Division. She is passionate about social justice and helping clients ensure that their rights are respected, regardless of the legal issue that they are facing.

Emma was called to the bar in 2018 and is staying on as an associate at Acumen Law.