There are five types of drug offences for which you may be prosecuted in Canada:

1) Possession of a Prohibited or Controlled Substance

2) Possession of a Controlled Substance for the Purposes of Trafficking

3) Trafficking in a Prohibited or Controlled Substance

4) Producing, Cultivating or Growing a Controlled Substance

5) Importing, Exporting or Possessing for the Purpose of Exporting a Controlled Substance

Commonly, those arrested by police in relation to drugs are likely to be first-time offenders who have been arrested for possession of a controlled substance. Government takes a tough stance against possession of hard drugs and a first-time conviction can be the first step in a downward spiral towards further drug charges in the future.

We believe that the focus for first-time offenders for drug possession offences should be rehabilitation. Jail time is not effective to deter future drug offences. If anything, placing a first-time offender in the penal system can result in the individual being introduced to “harder” criminals and falling further into a path of addiction. We work first and foremost to keep our clients free of a criminal record.

At Acumen Law Corporation, we also have considerable experience defending those charged with trafficking in controlled substances or cultivating marijuana. Police will often use undercover tactics to target those suspected of running dial-a-dope lines. Typically, those who are arrested were targeted by an undercover police officer who arranged a meeting to purchase drugs from the accused. Many of those who are accused are young people, often lured into drug trafficking by the promise of easy money. We have a successful track record of turning young people away from the drug dealer lifestyle.

Often, those charged with marijuana cultivation offences are not criminals. They are good people who simply wanted to grow a few plants for personal consumption at home. However, government is strongly opposed to marijuana cultivation and the maximum sentence for this type of offence can be up to seven years. In many cases, we have been successful in defending marijuana cultivation charges. Our clients have included people arrested while running away from a marijuana grow operation, living in a home above the grow-op, and even working inside a grow-operation. If you have been accused of a drug-related crime, call us now for a free consultation.