Dismissing an Employee

Dismissing an employee

It can be a daunting proposition for an employer to consider letting go of an employee. Perhaps this employee has been working for you for a long time, you may feel nervous or uncertain about how to dismiss them without being in violation of their employment rights.

Maybe you simply have a bad employee you need to be rid of. They’re not performing up to expectation, they’re rude to customers, or they’re constantly late. As an employer, you need to know when you can fire an employee for cause, and what this means in terms of your responsibilities as an employer.

Perhaps your company is downsizing and you no longer need such a large staff. If you’re laying off employees, we can give you an assessment so you can prepare the right severance packages for your employees. You may have questions such as how much do you need to include in the severance package? Do you have to pay the severance in a lump-sum, or can the amount be paid over time? These are all questions an experienced employment and labour lawyer can help you answer. Call today.