Careers at Acumen Law

We’re always on the lookout for good people. If you’re hard-working, sharp, creative and focused we’d like to hear from you.

Our primary ethos is to provide unmatched legal services at a very competitive price point by focusing in on our core strengths. By handling many files in similar areas of the law and cross over areas of the law, we become super skilled, super efficient and really successful at what we do. If you want something done right, ask a busy person. If you want something done right at a higher level than you might ever have imagined, ask a busy person with extreme expertise and vast resources.

Associate lawyers

We’re always considering applications for associate lawyers for positions in our current offices and for offices we are soon to open. We offer a competitive salary and friendly work environment with supportive co-workers and a fair amount of autonomy. We also offer some intense work pressure because of short deadlines and the requirement to maintain a high standard of quality in work output despite working fast. If answers come to you quickly, you’re good at solving problems both using standard tools and by finding creative answers, an associate position at Acumen Law may be the right fit for you. All positions come with a base salary and bonuses for work output. If you’re a smart hard-working lawyer, the sky is the limit.

Articled students

We take on at least 3 articled students every year and a significant number of our students have remained with the firm for their legal careers. Articling with Acumen Law means you’ll get into court right away, you’ll get your feet wet in many areas of litigation and you have the opportunity to gain solid legal training that will help you through your career. Applications are accepted throughout the year.

Legal assistants

At Acumen Law we are always expanding and therefore on the lookout for talented individuals who take pleasure in working hard at a high level. We prize people who are quick-thinking and detail oriented. We anticipate positions opening for litigation assistants, some solicitor’s work, book keeping, court filing clerk and client intake/reception. All resumes are kept in confidence and are maintained in the event that a position becomes available.

Reception and client intake

If you have worked as a hostess/host, server or in retail sales, chances are you can bring those skills to an office environment and do very well. Some of our most successful team members started at reception and built their careers. Experience in a law firm can be very useful if you’re considering a career as a lawyer or in an associated field. We offer a friendly and supportive work environment with interesting people and challenging work. If you’re reliable, friendly and you have a positive attitude, a starting position at Acumen Law may be the perfect way to launch your career.


We accept applications throughout the year and keep them in confidence should a suitable position arise. We encourage anyone seeking a career at Acumen Law to submit a short cover letter with their resume and, where applicable, your university transcripts.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you and perhaps working with you for years to come. Our colleagues are our friends. We want you to succeed, our clients to succeed and Acumen Law to continue succeeding in difficult cases as we have for the past decade.

Please send your application in confidence to