Canadian Citizenship

The maple leaf of the Canadian Flag flutters in a brisk wind. In the background, the main glacier of Mount Andromeda tumbles from the summit headwall.

Becoming a Canadian Citizen

It is the dream of many people to become a Canadian citizen. We work with our clients throughout the entire process to provide clarification and understanding around any concerns or questions.

If you live in Canada, and this country has become home to you, why not make it official? To determine if you are eligible to become a Canadian citizen, you must meet the following criteria:

1) Must have Permanent Resident Status

  • There must be no unfulfilled conditions related to your permanent resident status
  • You do not need a valid PR Card to apply for citizenship

2) Regardless of your age, you must have been physically present in Canada for a minimum of 1,095 days (these days must be during the five years right before the date you sign your application)

3) You must meet your personal income tax filing obligations

4) You must be able to prove that you can speak and listen to at least one of Canada’s official languages (English and French)

5) You must prove that you can meet the knowledge requirements about Canada

  • You will need to answer questions about Canada such as its: history, values, symbols and so on

6) If you have committed a crime in or outside of Canada, you may not be eligible to become a Canadian citizen for a period of time

We work with our clients to make sure that they meet the requirements for Canadian citizenship. Our clients often feel nervous about having to meet requirements, such as if they have committed a crime – We work with them to determine their eligibility, and help them reach their goals of becoming a Canadian citizen.

“I married a Canadian citizen; does that make me a Canadian citizen?”

Unfortunately, no. Marrying a Canadian citizen does not grant you citizenship. If you would like to become a Canadian citizen, you must follow the steps like everybody else. As mentioned before, one of the requirements to become a Canadian citizen is that you must be a permanent resident in Canada. If you are not already a permanent resident of Canada, but you have married a Canadian citizen, you can have your Canadian spouse sponsor you to become a permanent resident (please refer to the section titled “Family Class Sponsorship” for more details).

We work with our clients through the entire process of applying for Canadian citizenship. It may seem overwhelming, as there are documents, forms, applications, and payments to complete, but with the help of our lawyers, we can take some of that stress off and help you achieve your dream of becoming a Canadian citizen.