Administrative Law

Administrative Law

Administrative Law: BC Administrative Lawyers

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Have a dispute with your landlord? Seeking assistance after being victimized by crime? Are you being discriminated at work? Or maybe you received a driving prohibition and want it reviewed? These are all things lawyers experienced in administrative law can help you resolve.

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Administrative law describes a process where disputes are decided by government-appointed tribunal members instead of a judge in a courthouse. These tribunals are typically established to have jurisdiction over specialized areas, such as driving, human rights, tenancy disputes, immigration reviews, and more.

These tribunals share many of the powers the court has in deciding matters. They can award damages, identify fault, uphold driving suspensions, issue orders and can otherwise grant or reject applications brought before them. These tribunals were established with the goal of removing time-consuming matters from the court system to speed up cases that require a judge.

As a result, there are more tribunals now than ever. At Acumen Law Corporation, we have a range of expertise covering many areas of administrative law. Click on the links above for examples of cases we have presented to tribunals.