The best jobs for Express Entry immigration to Canada

Packing up your bags and moving to a completely different country is tough. Countries like Canada consider a range of factors when accepting immigrants and offer Express Entry for highly qualified candidates seeking permanent residency. Having a job offer can be a significant factor in getting offered Express Entry — particularly if you’re in a skilled occupation.

Express Entry candidates submit their name into a pool. The government invites people based on a range of factors such as employment, experience, and knowledge of English and French. Many of our clients have job offers in Canada and are looking to make the final steps towards Permanent Residency.

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Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) changed its ranking system for Express Entry candidates in November 2016. Now Canada has been accepting immigrants from different occupation categories. Here’s what that list looks like now and what jobs they entail according to the 2016 National Occupation Classification:

Top 10 occupation categories of invited Express Entry candidates

1. NOC 21 – Professional occupations in natural and applied sciences

The most popular job category for Express Entry candidates includes professionals at the top of their game. This group includes architects, urban planners, land surveyors, mathematicians, statisticians, actuaries, and computer and information systems professionals.

2. NOC 11 – Professional occupations in business and finance

It’s no surprise to see business and finance listed as a major job category for Express Entry. Immigrating can be very hard on the pocket book and well-paid positions in business can help make the transition easier. This category includes jobs like financial auditors, accountants, investment professionals, human resources professionals, and business service professionals

3. NOC 01-05 – Specialized middle management occupations

Middle management positions encompass a wide range of fields and jobs. They can include administration and management in financial and business organizations, as well as communication (except broadcasting), engineering, architecture, science and information systems, health care, public administration, education, social and community services, public protection services, art, culture, recreation, and sport.

4. NOC 12 – Administrative and financial supervisors

This group includes administrative and financial supervisory roles that usually will require specialized training and years of work experience. Roles in administration can include supervisors, regulators, or assistants; as well as court reporters, transcriptionists, and positions focused on record keeping and statistics.

5. NOC 22 – Technical occupations related to natural and applied sciences

Much like the first category, this group of occupations includes people working in engineering, architecture, land surveying, mathematics, statistics, and actuarial sciences; however, this category is focused on technical roles performing a task rather than a professional one directing it.

6. NOC 40 – Professional occupations in education services

Canada might be a little hot for teacher(s). This category includes roles in education services include secondary and elementary school teachers, professors at colleges and universities, tutors, educational assistants and counsellors.

7. NOC 62 – Retail sales supervisors and specialized sales occupations

Jobs in this category are not entry level sales roles — they will likely require specialized education and licensure. This category can include jobs like real estate agents, insurance agents, and financial sales representatives.

8. NOC 31 – Professional occupations in health (except Nursing)

Health is always a popular area where Canada needs people including physicians, dentists, veterinarians, pharmacists, dietitians; and other diagnosing, treating, therapy and assessment professionals.

9. NOC 05 – Middle management in retail and wholesale trade and customer services

NOC 05 is evidently popular enough to be included twice on this list, having already been included in the third slot. NOC 05 includes middle management in the arts and sport including management positions at libraries, museum and art galleries, theatres, or publishing firms. They can also include management positions at fitness and recreational organizations or professional athletic team organizations.

10. NOC 63 – Service supervisors and specialized service occupations

Do you have specialized training in a service occupation? Canada is bringing in chefs, cooks, butchers, bakers, and other professionals who provide unique service experiences.


Immigrating is a complex process. Many of our clients come to Canada with jobs lined up, but it is helpful to have someone who understands the paperwork and documents you need to immigrate without a hassle. At Acumen Law Corporation, we have lawyers experienced in helping people through that process, whether it’s helping our clients to obtain Canadian citizenship or fighting for you if you are deemed inadmissible. Effective legal advice can help you get the rest of the way here.

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