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Whether you’re applying to simply visit Canada, to live here for work or studies, or wanting to immigrate to Canada as a permanent resident, it is good to have an immigration lawyer on your side to help you navigate the complexities of Immigration Law. At Acumen Law Corporation, we have the knowledge and commitment to make the process easier with the aim of increasing your chances at a successful application.

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Immigration Legal Fee Schedule

Government processing fees are not included:

Visitor visa: $800 plus tax
Work permit: $1,500 plus tax
Study permit: $1,500 plus tax
Extension/renewal of visa: $600 plus tax
Super visa for parents or grandparents: $1,500 plus tax
Permanent residence application: $4,000 plus tax
Spousal sponsorship INSIDE Canada: $4,000 plus tax
Spousal sponsorship OUTSIDE Canada: $8,000 plus tax
Parent sponsorship OUTSIDE Canada: $5,000 plus tax
Canadian Citizenship: $2,500 plus tax
Inadmissibility to Canada: $1,500 plus tax

Additional fees may be calculated by an hourly rate.


We are prepared to:

  • Perfect your application package – Applications, with few exceptions, are usually prepared by you, but perfected by our office to ensure that immigration authorities have everything they need to review your package properly and in a timely fashion!
  • Liaise with Immigration officials – We will liaise with any immigration officials on your behalf in a timely fashion
  • Keep tabs on your application – We can get updates for you, and even get you ready for an interview if necessary!
  • Deliver your documents – When the visa is ready to be issued, we make sure you receive it, and will explain any information relevant to your arrival in Canada.

Remember that one little mistake can determine the rest of your life. So talk to us, and let us make your immigration package as perfect as it can be. Relieve yourself of the headache and stress of not only obtaining the correct forms, but also avoiding mistakes.

We will tell you what you need. You can fill out what you know for certain, and we can perfect it. In addition, we will prepare a letter of submission to complete your package, and tell Immigration Officials why you should succeed in your application.


Visiting Canada

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