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When you need a lawyer

Hiring a lawyer used to be easy. 40 years ago you could just call you dad’s lawyer and he would help you.

It’s not like that anymore. Law firms became more specialized, and the cost of legal services grew out of reach for people like you and me. Law firms in British Columbia may be viewed as class-oriented. There are huge firms in big office towers for corporations and the super rich. There is legal aid for the poor and impoverished. Somehow the people in the middle were left out.

We’re good lawyers. We work hard and we get results for our clients. We found that by watching our overhead and focusing on the key issues for our clients we could cut costs and reduce fees so that normal people and businesses could afford to hire a lawyer.

We’re fearless. Governments in Canada employ more lawyers than anyone. We take on the Government. Big businesses have lawyers in gigantic firms. We take them on too.

When it comes down to it, we know that the court has the final say. As trial lawyers one thing we know is that, when you get to court there is a level playing field.

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