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Testimonials: Acumen Law Corporation

At Acumen Law Corporation, we go to great lengths to ensure our clients are properly represented. We have found successful results for thousands of British Columbians. Our lawyers are skilled, motivated and dedicated to each case and as a result, many clients have provided positive reviews and testimonials of Acumen Law Corporation.

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“…he was always available and kept me updated”

“When I was charged with DUI and DUI causing bodily harm, I honestly thought my life was over. It was the holiday season and I spent the next few days envisioning the very real fact that I was likely going to prison. When I gathered up the courage to look at the paperwork the police gave me, I knew that they weren’t playing around and I began searching the countless lawyers who claim to specialize in DUI law in the Lower Mainland. 

Throughout my search, two names kept coming up and not just in the paid Google advertisements but more importantly on the local news websites; Kyla Lee and Paul Doroshenko

When I contacted Paul I was given an appointment for a consultation the same day. As I emotionally recounted the events of the previous days, Paul listened to me and his calmness and knowledge of the situation helped me relax a little for the first time since the accident. I was introduced to Kyla and they both assured me they would do everything they could to help me.  His retainer and fees were extremely reasonable and he was always available and kept me updated when updates were necessary.

Fast forward six months and not only were Paul and Kyla successful in having my administrative driving prohibition dismissed, but they eventually settled my case in a way that sees me leave court with no criminal conviction and no ICBC DUI either which means no ignition interlock or responsible drivers program.

It was honestly very simple. If you are reading this and are in trouble, I was there too and hiring Paul and Kyla is the only reason I can now move forward with my life. Do not wait another second to call them.”


“…it was such a relief to have Paul fight my case”

I am so thankful for Paul Doroshenko and his teams’ help with my case. My drivers licence is my life and without it I would be lost. I did panic a lot. So it was such a relief to have Paul fight my case and have my driving prohibition revoked.

Many, many thanks.


“…it was a pleasure to deal with you and your team”

“Hey Kyla. I just wanted to say thanks to you and your crew for the work you did getting my IRP overturned. My family depends on me for support and I depend on my license to accomplish that. It’s amazing that a couple dumb little mistakes can put your life into perspective.

I, like most people probably took my driving privileges for granted to a certain extent but I definitely won’t make that mistake again. The last few weeks have put more stress on me than anything ever has. I think I aged an extra 8 or 10 years. Haha.

Despite the circumstances, it was a pleasure to deal with you and your team and I can’t express enough how appreciative my family and myself are for your efforts.

Thanks again, Mike.”

“…Roy was right there to answer my questions”

“I was referred to Roy Ho after finding myself in a very stressful situation. From the very start Roy was nothing but respectful to me. Hiring Roy gave me a chance to distance myself from this very stressful situation and work to move forward with my life. Whenever I had questions or started getting anxiety about it Roy was right there to answer my questions as well.

I would highly recommend him or anyone from Acumen if you find yourself in a pickle.”


“…everything was won in my favour”

“I dealt with two different people at Acumen, The first being Kyla who took care of my IRP and secondly Roy who dealt with the ICBC. I am extremely happy with the professionalism of this firm and it’s employees as a whole. They both had time to answer my questions and worries, and everything was won in my favour. Please call these guys if you’re in a sticky situation, you won’t regret it!”